Demo Case

Energy efficient systems for leisure/passenger ship

The Demo Case activities will contribute to enhance the energy efficiency of leisure / passenger ships with a consequent reduction of emission into the atmosphere in terms of emission / payload (number of passengers) / mile ratio, in full compliance with the applicable regulatory framework at competitive conditions.

The following ship functions will be addressed:

  • Waste Treatment System
  • Heat based Energy Production System
  • Energy Storage System
  • Solutions for Emission Reduction

The objective of Waste Treatment System is to explore two solutions based on:

  • Hydrothermal Oxidation (HTO): Leroux & Lotz Technologies (LLT) develops hydrothermal oxidation systems reducing the environmental pollution (no NOx, no SOx, no particles, no furanes etc., only steam and CO2) and considering the international environmental standards, to minimize the energy consumption and to recover the available energy at the outlet of the waste treatment device. This project reaches the industrialisation phase. Chantiers de l'Atlantique participates actively in the development of the technology by integrating the industrial prototype in the real conditions on board cruise ships. The proposed solution is able to treat all types of waste produced on board, with no air-emission, advanced automation and reduced maintenance, reduced overall footprint and ability to run 24/7.
  • Conditioning of Waste (COW): A good conveyable, hygienically harmless and valuable resource shall be produced from the shipboard generated waste through different conditioning steps in order to make the waste handling easier, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Heat based Energy Production System objective is to develop a solution adapted to marine constraints integrating the Organic Ranking Cycle technology enabling to recover waste heat aboard passenger ships, convert it into electricity and decrease the ship fuel consumption and pollutant emissions into the air.

The Energy Storage System development activities will provide a large scale and none stationary thermal energy storage system based on high temperatures phase change material encapsulated within paraffin. The expected outcome is to recover and store waste thermal energy from the engine exhaust pipes of leisure and passenger ships while cruising and restitute it while anchoring at port (to warm swimming pools and sanitary water, for heating, etc.).

The Solutions for Emission Reduction will tackle the challenge to reduce harmful emissions of soot, particles generated by heavy fuel oil engines running on board ships. The technical innovation resides in the development of filter capable of filtering and chemically breaking down the pollutants while resisting to large amounts of solid residues, metals and ash from the combustion of heavy fuel oil and the great amount of lubricated oil burned by the engine.