Demo Case

Large Diameter Propeller for General Cargo Vessel

Improving vessel propulsive efficiency is a fundamental aspect of reducing fuel burn and hence reducing CO2, and this in turn will result in corresponding reduction in SOx, NOx and PM. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) assessment and scale model tests carried out in STREAMLINE, an EU Framework 7 project, demonstrated that a large propeller design has the potential to significantly improve the propulsive efficiency of a vessel.

In LeanShips the Large Diameter Propeller Demo Case takes this concept a step further leading to a commercially viable full scale vessel design. This Demo Case assesses the benefits of a new hull design incorporating a Large Diameter Propeller in a traditional position but with much reduced propeller/hull clearance.  The main work will consist of developing a Large Diameter Propeller system and integrated aft-ship design for an ice-class general cargo ship, undertaking a CFD performance assessment at full scale simulating a 25,000TDW ice-class demo vessel, and validating this assessment using model testing. The final output of the Demo Case will be a full basic vessel design capable of being further matured into detailed full scale vessel design.